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About the Department

The department of Industrial Engineering is resonsible for CAPEX processes (investment in production equipment), new technologies and development and implementation of Supply Chain procedures & processes. We identify new technologies to build the future Supply Chain by setting up (temporary or enduring) cooperation’s with universities and companies and bring those new technologies within reach of the Marel organization. Once decided to (co)invest, we make both existing and new technologies available for the organization. Our task ends by transferring a project to Purchasing when co-location or outsourcing is desired, or to Manufacturing Engineering once is decided that the solution (a technology) will be insourced.

About the Assignment

  1. Development of a Manufacturing/Design Standard for Rubberpad Forming (Guerin Principle).
  2. The Manufacturing Standard should be suitable for Design Engineers, Cost Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Quality Engineers.
  3. The Standard should enable Engineers to estimate productibility and cover Design for Engineering aspects, as well as Design for Manufacturing aspects. Moreover, it should act as a Guidance how to manage both Quality assessment and Cost assessment.
  4. Setting up a test program to map machine parameters in relation to products.
  5. Identify parameters that have influence on the end product (size, pressure, thickness, lubrication, …).
  6. Fill a matrix with these tests.
  7. Setting theoretical substantiation and predictive behavior for the tests.
  8. Look at materials for the molds (stainless steel / plastic …), predict when to choose which ones.

Why Marel?

Working at Marel means working at a multinational with many chances to develop yourself, take responsibility and show initiative. We offer an exciting internship with a representative compensation, attractive secondary benefits in an international atmosphere that supports the company’s vision, and exhibit Marel’s core values Unity, Innovation and Excellence.

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  • Max. bestandsgrootte: 16 MB.